The Nameless Chronicles

Eyes Wide Shut

And yet again my heart has been broken because I’ve pined for a guy for over a year now only to find out that most of that time he has been in love with another girl.  He can’t act on it and while that does give me some relief…just knowing that my heart has been his all this time and his is with someone else…it hurts to no end tonight.  I’m on the brink of being cynical…so, I will end this post now.

Intrepidity Now…


A Modern-Day Pirate

He’s in a coma and is now a vegetable, unable to mutter any intelligible words.

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One of my favorite awkward guy memories is that of Rezzie. To be honest, my friends and I have called him Rezzie for such a long time that I can’t remember his real name.

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You Are Hearby Charged with Three Counts of Proposal

I’m sure a lot of girls would love to have this problem. I’m not one of them.

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The Year Book – Minus a Few Years

You spend recess going through all the grades above you and yours to talk about the cute boys and giggle like a pack of rabid geese.

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The First True Love

Our dates included theme parks, the zoo at Christmas, romps at the park, birthday parties, sleepovers, all with chaperones, alas.

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Hello world!

I feel suddenly able to embrace my failed relationship status and declare all the grueling details to the world.

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