The Nameless Chronicles

Hello world!

For years now, I have both reveled and cringed at the word “dating.”  Sharing seemingly endless stories with my friends and family, and sometimes strangers, about my unlucky dating life had been a pleasure and a pity party, but I feel suddenly able to embrace my failed relationship status and declare all the grueling details to the world.  Ok, not all the details.  I am sorry to say that I will remain anonymous and the names of the victims (or, more appropriately, vagabonds) will be changed or not even mentioned to protect the innocent.  I shall dub myself “Intrepidity” and bare my deepest and darkest secrets to an urging world…or to the microbes running around my laptop.  I hope that you will join me on a journey, and even decide to share your own stories with me.  Enjoy and I will remain, remarkably,


And by “remarkably”, I’m referring to you remarking on the posts and stories.


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