The Nameless Chronicles

But He Eats Lots of Fruit.

My primarily single status has frequently had onslaughts of well-meaning older friends deciding to set me up on dates with various “incredible” guys.  Depending on the recommender, it’s about a 50/50 chance that I will accept and go on said date.  Usually, this will end up a very awkward evening with the promise of a good story to share with my amigas.  I’m all about the good stories, if you can’t tell.  However, sometimes the proposition of the date is as eventful as the date itself would have been.  Recently, I had such an instance.  Due to the circumstances of the suggestion and the contents of an email from the well-meaning older friend, a date never occurred, but left me with an overwhelmingly wonderful story to share, which I shall now divulge with you.

I was recently in a job where I would be in several different buildings throughout the week and would meet many different people during my travels.  One such building produced an encounter with one such person.  This woman was a very nice older woman, probably closer to her 60’s if she was not already in that decade.  She found out that I had some special knowledge of a certain culture and shared that she was writing a fictional story about a brother and sister born of a mixed family but living in the US.  She was interested in any insight I might have to problems and interactions these siblings may have, both with regular Americans and other immigrants of their native land.   Now, even though I do have experience with the culture in question, I have no real understanding of that particular culture in that particular setting.

Regardless, she was quite taken with our little exchange and decided to pursue me for her wonderful nephew.  She did so by first getting in touch with one of my really well-meaning older friends who cautiously asked if she could pass my information on to this woman.  I allowed it and waited in anticipation for the response.  I had a feeling that this would be another chapter in The Nameless Chronicles.  The email arrived and sealed the deal of its inclusion here.

I would love to just copy and paste the whole thing in here, but the information is so specific that it could jeopardize the anonymity that I am trying to maintain, so I will feature the highlights for you all:

It began with an account of how her nephew was able to save she and her husband hundreds of dollars in repairs to their computer because of his insane computer skills.  Not bad, she’s a proud aunt.  I would/will probably brag about my nephew if he could do something like that.

Then followed a basic list of academic and vocational accomplishments, very much in the form of a resume.  This began the awkwardness that just increased as it went on, such as:  

* Graduated excelled program in high school with High Honors (woohoo)
*Attended mid-level, non-impressive computer-tech college
*works at “fixing computers on line for big conglomerants” (kudos for mispelling conglomerates)

Then came the religious qualifications of being a good Baptist and into mission work.

At last came the personal qualifications which were:

*tall and thin
*picky eater, but eats lots of fruit (how this would ever come into conversation, I have no idea)
*a dry sense of humor, sometimes too negative, but a sweetheart none-the-less
*Not what you would call handsome, but has wavy blondish hair and sparkling blue eyes. (saw wha?!)
*needs a little help in the wardrobe department
*lives at home
*loves his cars
*helps pay family bills

I don’t know about you, but a lot of that info, I like to find out on my own.  Having it thrown in my face all at once does nothing to stir the heartstrings inside of me.  I don’t even care if:  “Once he finds the right girl he has all the potential of blossoming even more into a one-of-a-kind keeper. ”  I understand familial pride, but wow…I was floored by all this. 

So, it has brought into perspective that while I don’t mind the people who decide to set me up with their friends and loved ones, I should really wonder about how I’m being represented to these mystery people.  Kind of scary, huh?


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  1. Maybe fruit = he’s healthy? Ha! I don’t know but that was definitely a great story.

    I also don’t mind if things don’t quite work out on a date because it really gives me material to write about!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago
    • Or maybe he has a good constitution? Hah, I have no idea. I loved it though and could not wait to share it with my friends. All I have to say is, “So, I have another guy story…” and they’re all ears. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by again!

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago

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