The Nameless Chronicles

100% Compatible

I recently rejoined a Christian dating site.  I was on it a year ago and then had to quit because of financial straits, as I’m sure many of you can commiserate with.  Anyway, I just started a new job and decided that I would like to join again.  I only met one guy from the site in person the last time I was on, but I had made some lasting friendships with others who were in the chatrooms (men and women alike).  Before I left completely, we added each other on Facebook and have been able to keep in touch.

So, now, I find myself back on the site, not just for the dating perspective, but also for the friendships and conversations.  Many of the “old-timers” are no longer on the site; several of them have found significant others; some are actually married now.  So it’s a new crowd with a few familiar faces (and IDs) sprinkled in there. 

One thing this site does is gives each person a compatibility percentage with the person they are viewing.  You take this questionnaire and then you get your “color” rating.  I’m a “red” which means that I am driven by POWER…the ability to get things done, to go from point A-B as quickly and as directly as possible.  I naturally seek productivity and want others to see me as intellectually strong (very much me…).  I like to be in charge and the leader (actually, I don’t really like to be, it just happens.  People see me as someone who can get things done and who has a lot of skill…whether or not I feed that idea, I’m not sure.  But I would much rather be behind the scenes than directing everything) but I will still get frustrated with my significant other or friends who can’t make good, logical decisions.  I like to be right (too much so), to be seen and admired for my logical, practical mind.  I would prefer to be respected than loved.

I’m not sure about all of that, and it does say that, of the four colors, I’m only 34% red.  But still.  I’m 25% white, 23% blue, and 18% yellow.  Now, yellow’s my favorite color, so I’m a little bummed that it’s not my highest percentage, but that’s beside the point.  Here are the other colors’ core motives:  Blue – Intimacy (not necessarily physical, but the need to connect, share feelings, build relationships); White – Peace, or calm during confusion etc; Yellow – Fun and enjoyment. 

I managed to find a guy on the site who rated a 100% match for me.  This means that of the criteria we are both looking for, all of it matches.  Crazy, huh?  I was so impressed that I shot him an “email” saying “Wow, we match 100%!  That seems pretty crazy to me so I thought I’d just say hello and have a great week!”  I didn’t hear back from him right away…in fact, I haven’t heard from him at all.  Instead, I got a confirmation that he looked at my profile and must have liked what he saw, because he added me to his favorites.

I’m beginning to wonder if his Favorites is just another kind of black hole, since it has been about two weeks now and I still have had no word from him.  Does anyone else find this odd?  I sure do, but as today is my birthday (ole 26!) I’m not going to let it get me down today.

Last night, I had a great chat with a guy from about three states away from me (boo!) who seems absolutely incredible.  Too bad he doesn’t live closer.  More to come, I’m sure.


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