The Nameless Chronicles

Mr. Cowboys

Last night, just before all the thunderstorms rolled into my area, I began chatting with a guy on the Christian dating site who I will call, Mr. Cowboys.  I’m calling him this because he’s a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Now, I’m a Steelers fan and we both decided that we wouldn’t fault each other for our allegiances unless our teams are playing each other and then no holds barred.

He is brand-spanking new to the site and decided to get the ball rolling and sent me an email right away.  I was flattered, but since he was brand-spanking new, his introduction was still being approved, as were his photos.  I was kind of at a loss.  The “fill-in-the-blank answers” were pretty standard and not frightening, but how frightening are “fill-in-the-blanks” anyhow? 

So, having just sent me a message, which I hadn’t read yet, I get an IM from Mr. Cowboys.  He says that he knows we live far away, but he just sent me a message and really likes my profile.  (My thought:  Of course you really like my profile.  It’s an amazing profile.  Full of wit and all my pretty pictures).  I said that I’d like to see his profile and then he decided to leap over all the other steps and ask me to befriend him on FB.  Now, I am kind of particular about who I let befriend me on FB.  I will add buddies that I make online, but if it’s a guy who I might date, I’m a little hesitant.  Not sure why this is.  Anywho, I went to his FB expecting to at least see a face-shot and there was nothing; just a big road sign with the word “Patience” on it.  Irony always seems to find me somehow.

I ended up adding him with the thought that if he’s not at all attractive I can just delete him from my list.  So, we added each other and it turns out he’s a pretty good-looking guy.  We get to talking and it turns out he’s a pretty neat and funny guy.  I believe we chatted for about 2-3 hours before shutting down the computer because of the lightning.  We chatted about how he’s probably more of a city-boy than a country-bumpkin, pretty impressive for coming from a midwest, semi-large city.  Seems like hunting is the standard past-time for that area.  Also, I realized that we aren’t really that far away from each other.  Maybe only an hour and half to two hours by car.  Not too bad.

We talked about our jobs and what we really want to do.  He’s currently a car mechanic and saving up money to go to college and become an elementary teacher (you can awwww here).  He LOVES kids, even teaches the 5-6 yr old Sunday School class at his church.  I’m not sold on the idea of having kids myself, but I do want a guy who enjoys being around them.  Oh, and he also likes to dance!  You know how awesome that is?!  He seems like a big kid himself, but like a guy with a lot of honor.

This morning, I noticed that his profile was finally approved and it’s a really sweet description.  I would love to get to know this guy better.  I sent him a “Smile” (a little pre-set communication) saying, “I noticed you noticed me….etc”  He replied with a standard, “Your profile made me smile, so I’m sending you one right back.”  Alright, lame response…he could have been a lot more flirty, but there’s room to work on that later.

And I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. * advthirdculture says:

    I’m a huuuge Steelers fan, too!

    hang in there! Fingers crossed for you!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago
    • Sorry about that other comment. It ended up a little more biting than I planned for it to be. But I was not happy with how disparaging that guy was being. And I wanted to keep my promise of not commenting any more on that subject. 🙂

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago

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