The Nameless Chronicles


Well, Mr. Cowboys and I were planning to chat last night…a lot…we had been exchanging emails throughout the day and were really looking forward to it.  But when I got home and did my thing and got online to chat, he sent me an IM saying that he just found out his mom was in the hospital that day and needed to go see her.  Without thinking, I said, “Go ahead, I’ll be praying for her…and if you have some downtime, shoot me a text or something.”  He was really excited about getting my number and quickly gave me his. 

He sent me a couple texts through the night to let me know how his mom was doing (awww) and how bummed he was that we couldn’t talk that much last night (another aww).   I went to bed, at a reasonable hour and woke up to a message on my phone saying that he couldn’t get to sleep and would love to chat…but that I was probably already in bed.  I was…but I was really flattered by the message.  I sent him a message back telling him to have a great day.

We’ve been texting throughout the day and then decided it would be more cost effective (my plan only covers 500 texts outside of my provider) to just send messages through FB.  And we’ve been having a meaningful conversation all morning now!   I’m not sure if he and I are going to turn into something great and wonderful, but I’m glad to have someone to chat with like this.  We haven’t shared our histories extensively, but it seems that we have a lot in common already and we have the same ambitions in life. 

And I see that I have a new message from him!  Keep you posted!


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  1. * Aniera says:

    aw thats sweet!!
    i love meaningful conversations with written words.
    letters, emails, whatever.. its great 😀
    hope all goes well!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago

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