The Nameless Chronicles

The Black Hole Cometh

I realize that I’ve been gone for a whole month!  Eek!  Sorry about that, but I had very good reasons.  Actually, three of them.  And they are the three newsletters that my office decided to graciously give me to produce each month.  Two of which were given to me just days before they were due.  I will try to do better in the months ahead though.  Thank you for your patience…(glances at stats that have slowly diminished over the last weeks).

Well, I do believe that Mr. Cowboys has found his way to that infamous black hole.  Anyone else have a problem being followed around by an endless void that seems to suck up any innocent potential date?  I do.  I first became savvy to it many years ago when speaking with a college student (I was still in high school).  She helped teach our Sunday School class with her mom and I was amazed at the stories she would share with us.  She would meet a guy and two days later, or whenever, he would fall into a “black hole”.  She would never hear from him again.  Or, randomly, he would be joining the peace corps and would now be unavailable for two years and possibly die of Dengue Fever.  Or he would drop off the grid and 6 months later, she’d find out that he is married with a kid on the way.  Phew!  I marvelled at her self-control in telling these stories, but I’m sure she had a lot of struggles with it.

And now I’m here…with the perpetual black hole following all of my dates, hungrily gobbling up any man who may stand a fair chance of a second date with me.  Alas.  I hadn’t heard from Mr. Cowboys in a couple weeks so I decided to text him and see how he was doing.  It wasn’t like we ended things or had even really started anything.  We were just chatting as new friends.  But I haven’t heard from him since.  Who knows!

In the mean-time, I’m enjoying my new friends and potentials on this Christian-dating site.  There are plenty of guys to flirt with and plenty of time for me to think of witty things to reply, especially within the chat room.  And the handy emoti-type lets me pretend I’m actually doing highly flirtatious things with these guys.  A couple, I guess deserve a role-call. 

Let’s see, we have Mr. Orlando – super-sweet guy but also very funny.  Tech-savvy and, apparently, an alright cook (nice).  We joke about getting married although, I think that if we were much closer to each other (and not 5 states away) we would leave joking behind us.  We even exchanged the very personalized questionnaire answers with each other and found out that we are between “High” and “Very High” on the Match Level, and also that neither of us likes kids.  I asked again if he’d like to get married.  We just laugh about it, but I think I could very well be serious about it.  I think he’s adorable as all get-out too.

There’s also Mr. Michigan.  A bit younger than me, a bit more than I would normally consider, but he’s a fairly mature guy.  We chat a bit every now and then.  I’m thinking we’re more to the point where we view each other as brother and sister, which, I guess, is the way we’re supposed to view each other.  He’s a cutie too, and has a good sense of humor.

Finally, there’s the ruminative Mr. Minnesota.  The more meditative and brooding I find this guy, the less attractive he becomes, but I still would count him as a possibility even though he’s 11 hours driving distance away.  He has the same kind of ambitions in life (even if we are aiming for different countries) and he’s a bit dorky like me.

All this should be set aside to note that I have a real-life guy person as a potential.  One of my friends sent me a text on Saturday that he had a friend to set me up with and would give me more details later.  I’m gonna call him Mr. Engineer.  The same day my friend gave me a brief overview of Mr. Engineer, I got a FB message from him, which was very impressive because I had just managed to put a particularly embarrassing picture of myself for my profile pic (I’m completely distorting my face).  He seems like a nice guy, if not a little bland, but this is coming from a conversation over the computer for about 1.5 hrs.  Who knows!  The biggest issue that I can see right now is that he is Catholic and I am protestant…and I’m pretty sure my grandmother would roll over in her grave (if she were dead) if I dated a Catholic man.

I will keep you posted on all things dating, per non-norm. 🙂  Sorry again about the delay.  I hope I have not lost you all to brighter and greener pastures.  Have a great day!



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  1. * advthirdculture says:

    I love it! Black Hole analogy! love love loves!

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