The Nameless Chronicles

A Tractor Pull

Tomorrow, I’m going out with Mr. Engineer again. We’ve been chatting each night since our date Saturday and texting a little bit throughout the day. He seems to be opening up and getting a bit more comfortable with me. I mostly want to go out tomorrow night just to see if he will loosen up a bit in person too.

So, the date is that we will both leave from work, change and meet at the local county fair. It’s going on all week and Thursday night is the Tractor Pull. Now, he’s tried to explain what this is to me, but something gets lost in translation. My friends tell me that this is a competition between tractors to pull each other, like a tug-of-war, or something. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually enjoy that part of the night, but Mr. Engineer promises to check out the animals before we take off.


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