The Nameless Chronicles

A Choking Experience

My father and I have this curse…I can’t escape it, no matter what I try or where I go.  The curse is that I know people.  Everywhere.  I can be in the most remote of places and I will find somebody I know.

My hometown is relatively small, so I can usually find some familiar face when I walk into the grocery store.  I can also go to the neighboring town and find someone I know easily.  Heading out to the Tractor Pull with  Mr. Engineer at the county fair guaranteed that I would meet some amigos and whatnot, which…I did.  One of my neighbors was outside the arena and so I stopped to say hi to her as Mr. Engineer paid for my ticket (we had attempted to go dutch…well, I guess I had attempted…but we failed).  As we went in and found a seat, it turns out that the older couple next to us go to the church my mom used to attend.  I, of course, feed the curse by striking up a conversation with them, well, mostly the wife.  As my date heads out to get some grub and a drink for me (my only instruction: a red slushie of sorts), I let the wife know that I am on my second date with this guy and I’ve only known him for a week and a half as yet.

She began to tell me how her husband was dating another girl when she met him.  She told God, “If I have one date with that man, I’ll marry him.” And sure enough, she did!  They’ve been married for 40+ years now.  It was a cute story and she and I gabbed about a few more things, but then Mr. Engineer came back and we turned back to our respective gentlemen.  Mr. Engineer is nothing if not a gentleman.  He’s very polite, considerate, and I believe that I would be perfectly safe with him in any situation.  He still just doesn’t have the pizazz I’m looking for.  When I asked him once what he was passionate about, he said, “oh, nothing in particular.”  hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  I’m passionate about a great many things…or rather, a great many things get me giggly and excited inside.  One is, listening to other people talk about what they are passionate about.  And it doesn’t really matter what it is…although, I’m not a fan of people who are passionate about smut and degrading things.  But I met someone who was passionate about quilts and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about how many beautiful quilts she had and where she had got them.  (What also made it enjoyable was that she had an Asian accent and kept calling them “kilts”, making me have to hold my giggles in to myself.)

But anyway, we had a nice time.  He gave me my drink, which was held in a cheap yellow-plastic ball designed like a coconut (I think), with a pink umbrella on top.  He explained that he was able to mix the slushie flavors, so he asked for strawberry and pina colada…which is what I had last Saturday on our blind date.  I definitely had an “aww” moment when I heard it and tried to enjoy the drink, but it really was not very good flavoring…very syrupy and the ice was thin.  Too bad too.

He began to chow down on his food while I took small sips from my cheap plastic coconut (hey, it’s a county fair, what can you expect?) and then he began to cough.  Like, really cough.  I didn’t notice it at first, but then he leaned forward and was hitting his chest.  People started looking and I was just sitting there.  I lost all idea of what I was supposed to do.  He was coughing pretty hard, his face wasn’t changing color, and he was making audible noises in between.  I knew he was going to fine, as long as whatever he was choking on didn’t become lodged further down.  Then he seemed to just be getting more embarrassed than anything.  He grabbed his water and was drinking to try to move anything out of the way.  My mom’s friend leaned over, when he was able to actually tell me he was somewhat ok, and said, “Well, that’s a good thing.  It would’ve been an awful 2nd date if he died.”  Insert “The Look” here.

He was fine.  Came right out of it.  I tried to joke it off with him, but I think he was still annoyed with himself for choking in public and with me.  But on to other things.  The date went alright otherwise.  He made considerably more eye-contact and we rested our arms next to each other for a good while without him tensing up or pulling away.  Also, I was very impressed that when we saw some of my familiar faces, he didn’t shy away from conversing with them.  I was afraid that he’d be hesitant to talk with a stranger, as he was with me(ish), but he seemed a bit more comfortable than one on one convo with me.  My friends (guy friends) seem to think that he is intimidated by me and thinks I’m out of his league.  I’m not sure how much I’d agree with them on the second part, but the first probably rings true.  And if it’s not because of me, then it’s probably because it’s a social situation with a girl in general.  I asked if I could take a pic of the both of us, and he willingly put his arm around my seat until I was finished, then promptly put it back at his side.

I’m still not hugely excited about this guy.  He just isn’t my type at all.  I understand that personality changes can happen in a guy when he has the self-confidence of someone believing in and loving him, but I’m not sure I want to be someone’s catalyst.  He’s very sweet and considerate, and listens/remembers, which is very, very very nice, but I just don’t feel anything more than a small amount of appreciation for him.  We text throughout the day and I look forward to conversing with him, but not with any butterflies in my stomach.  Who knows!  I’ve dated guys before where I was just waiting for something to come up that really grabbed my attention, but nothing ever did.  I’m just not sure if I want to keep having relationships like that.  I am more than willing to be his friend and continue to get to know him, but I’m not sure how he’s viewing our relationship right now.  Those same guys that I waited to see about ended up infatuated after a month of what I labeled “getting to know each other” and then I had to break their hearts.  I don’t want to keep doing that.

Any ideas?  Opinions?


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