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Speaking with Mr. Engineer last night was interesting.  We didn’t chat on the phone, which I’m kind of glad for.  We have good convos, but I get tired of having a phone latched to my ear.  So, I had gone out to dinner with a friend (well…we worked at the same place for a short time, and he’s going to Fiji for a year on mission and wanted to share the details with me.  It was NOT a date) and then come home.  I had told Mr. Engineer what my plans were for the night and he seemed fine with them.  He had mentioned to me hanging out with another girl who has been his friend for years, and that definitely didn’t bother me.

So, when I got home and decided to check my email and whatnot, Mr. Engineer was on FB.  So, we started chatting.  He asked about my dinner and I asked about his day.  He then asked about my tolerance for alcohol.  Not in so much as, “How much can you handle?”  But in “Are you ok with being around people who are drinking?”  This is a valid question because I’ve told him that I don’t drink very often at all (I may have a glass of wine with my sisters at Christmas…and that really only started this last Christmas!).  But I don’t mind being around others who are drinking so long as they aren’t drinking to get drunk.

After I answered him in like-kind, I asked why he wanted to know.  He said something that really surprised me.  The words next to his name in the chat read, “My niece’s birthday party is Saturday and I would like to invite you, but my family likes to drink.”




I was a little surprised…nah.  I was really surprised!

Anyone else think this is super-early to be setting up a meeting with the whole family?  Even something so casual as a birthday party.  Yeah, me too.  So, I expressed my thoughts in highly eloquent terms, like, “oh!  umm…so, like meeting the family??”  I’m not sure if he really wasn’t thinking about it or if he saw my reaction and gauged his response accordingly.  But he retorted that it was mighty soon, after all, we’ve only known each other for 2 weeks.  And then called himself an idiot, chalking it up to little dating experience.

I think I have too much pity because, though I was shocked and thrown by this, it was endearing.  The poor guy doesn’t know what to do.  Am I the one who’s supposed to show him what to do?  Most of my dating experience is restricted to first dates…and blind dates.  That’s a horse of a different color to a relationship and meeting parents and such.  I can’t be too hard on the guy…I don’t know what to do either!

We decided that a dinner date on Sunday would be better and we’ll go from there.  Actually, another guy friend of mine said that I should ask him what his intentions are with me.  He called it a “DTR talk.”  I had no clue what that means.  So, here’s the acronym breakdown for you : Define The Relationship.  Yep.  My friends are nerds.  So, I did ask Mr. Engineer what his idea was for us right now and he said he just thinks I’m a great girl and wants to get to know me better.  I feel likewise…that I’m a great girl and he should want to get to know me better.  Just joking!  But I like the guy to a certain degree and have a feeling that he gets better with more time, like wine?

Stay tuned for the next post where I detail the advent of a stalker situation.  No, it’s not Mr. Engineer.  Whoever this guy is, he’s a real sicko.  My life is nothing if not eventful.


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  1. * advthirdculture says:

    oh ya… way fast!
    but it is endearing 🙂 I think he’s just super excited about you and wants to show you off to his family. But in addition, he really likes hanging out with you, and his family might be people that he really likes to hang out with as well. So the perfect combo for a sunday? you + fam = two things that he likes to be around! 🙂

    He prolly didn’t think that much about the implications though… lol

    and OMG~ DTR~!! hahahah
    so many people use that term…
    I remember when I was in college and my friends would use it… and at first, I was like, huh?
    And then realized it’s actually a commonly used term and people actually know what you mean when you physically say “D, T, R”
    and you can use it as a noun/verb…. like:
    “We totally need to have a DTR”
    “We DTR-ed after dinner”
    “Is it weird to DTR over chat?”


    | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago

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