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Bible Study…in a Bar?

Mr Engineer has been telling me about this Bible Study through his church that he’s wanted to go to for a while.  Since his church is Catholic, I was unsure of what the Bible study would be like, but he went last week and really liked it.  He said I wouldn’t really need my Bible (I took it anyways) because they only read Scripture once, and that there was nothing in it overly Catholic.  So, I agreed to go last night with him.  The topic was discipleship and it was a really interesting.  It did feel weird to be having a Bible study in a bar, with sports going on the tele, and people ordering beer while listening to a guy sing about Jesus loving him even though he’s a dork.

After he was finished, our table had some good discussion.  The speaker came and sat with us.  I am pretty well-versed in the Bible and Christian living; being a pastor’s kid and a ministry major in college kind of clinched that.  Even so, I felt somewhat insecure sitting there, trying to join in on the convo without making myself fully an outsider.  You know how it feels when you are so totally different from the people there (or rather, you perceive yourself to be so totally different) – I felt like each person there, unspoken, knew that I was one of “those Baptists”.  But everyone was really nice and I never really felt like an outsider.  The speaker even quoted from one of his “protestant friends”.  Maybe there were other protestants there and I couldn’t tell.  Maybe that means no one could tell about me.  Except for the fact that I brought my Bible and a journal…and took notes.  I can’t help it.  I will forever be a student.

Anyway, there were five people originally at our table, before the speaker joined us.  A man and woman who were dating/engaged (??) sat to my right.  Mr Engineer sat to my left and to his left was a single gal in her late twenties.  Everyone was very welcoming and we had a good time together chatting and such.  At the end, when we had all finished the discussion and open question time, and were just sitting around getting to know each other.  We were in the back room of a higher-end sports bar and had managed to cram about 40+ people into it at the tables.  It was pretty neat.  Most were in their 20’s-mid 30’s, from what I could tell.

As we sat there chatting, a guy came up and threw out the ‘ole, “I have to ask, I know you from somewhere!” to me.  This happens quite often to me, but seeing as I caught this guy looking at me most of the evening, I was a little suspicious that I really didn’t know him.  But we managed to figure out that we went to the same high school, he graduating a year behind me.  Which would make sense why he knew me and I didn’t know him (don’t people tend to know the upperclassmen and not the younger bunch?)  While he and I were chatting about knowing each other but not knowing each other, I overheard the single gal moving in – “So how do you know her?”  As Mr. Engineer floundered for an appropriate answer, she asked again, “Do you know her?”  I almost laughed out loud, but I was supposed to be engaged in another conversation.

I didn’t fully hear his response, but Stranger-dude began chatting with the other couple and I was able to join in to their convo and discover that he must have said something about us dating.  I shared how I tend to know someone wherever I go and turned to Mr. Engineer to comment on how every time we’ve gone out, we’ve found someone I know, or I’ve been approached by someone.  He, for one of the few times, looked me straight in the eyes and said that our first date was the only exception.  At that point, the single gal disengaged from the convo a bit and eventually left to go chat with others.  We left a bit after that.

I mentioned how  I really wanted to watch the meteor shower last night, in hopes that it might give us a chance to spend a more romantic time together.  But he was pretty worn out from the day and only hinted that his back yard might be a good place for viewing and pulled into my driveway.  Spending time with him is such a strange thing.  it’s like we skipped over all the warm fuzzies and are already in the “familiar with each other and just doing” stage of a relationship.  I talked with my best friend about how weird it is and we decided it is because I’m used to being proposed to on first dates, or at least having love declared to me.  I seldom get passed 1st dates to the second one, let alone third or fourth.

Mr. Engineer told me our mutual friend said I could come to his wedding next weekend.  I’m excited – I’ve wanted to meet his fiancée for a long time, so I texted our friend to find out details and let him know I was planning to come.  When I told him how the invite went though, he was less than pleased.  “Intrepidity, we told him he should bring someone with him, as in, ‘BRING INTREPIDITY!'”  I laughed, it was a typical Mr. Engineer move…and I’m sure that in his mind he was asking me as his date.  So, last night I clarified with him as to whether I was just invited to come, or if I was going to be his date.  There’s a big difference there.  Being invited means I’m a free agent and can dance with whoever I want.  Being his date means that, for better or worse, I’m linked to this one guy for the whole night.  There will be drinking too, which I’m not all that comfortable with, especially at weddings.  Plus, I’m an incredible dancer.  Will everyone feel self-conscious because I’m such an amazing dancer and they can’t even compete with my mad skills?  (Alright, I’m exaggerating my ability.  I’m a great dancer among my friends because we just flail and act goofy, and I’m great at flailing and acting goofy.  I’m going to be the one self-conscious among these strangers.)  We shall see!


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  1. * advthirdculture says:

    hahaha~ yay for great dancing at weddings!
    I think great dancing means that you’re fun and can laugh at yourself and have a good time, while dancing around with different people (kids and grandmas anyone?) and help everyone have a great time! 🙂

    and I totally know what you mean about the speed of things in relationships. Some go super slow. Others crawl. While others seem to plateau and stay in limbo… and still others seem to skip all the warm and fuzzy and jump straight into “comfortable”.

    Totally have been in those before! 🙂
    (I’ll write an entry about it! Inspired by thenamelesschronicles! 🙂 and make some nerdy science graphs… hahahah)

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago

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