The Nameless Chronicles

Intro: Mr. Rough

His story was, sobering, though. He honestly thought that after he shared the details with me that I would be out the door. But as I said, everyone has had their own share of turmoil and everyone has made mistakes. Some might be a bit more loud than others and the consequences greater, but we all can be changed (or what point is there in being a Christian?)


Lingerie, Anyone?

My aunt is a somewhere eccentric person and I could imagine her seeing some crafty projects of mine and thinking she’d help by sending some fabric out to me. But this was not the case, alas.

The Bait and Switch

It is amazing the differences between him and Mr. Engineer. Where Mr. Engineer was reserved and unexpressive, Mr. Rough is open and passionate.

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Stay Single?

When I was a kid, I went through the typical little girl phase of wanting to be a ballerina, a veterinarian, to have a pony, and the not-so-typical phases of wanting an elephant, to be a cartographer (yes, a person who makes maps. I thought that meant I’d get to travel a lot) and a martyr (they get really pretty crowns in heaven…and what little girl doesn’t want a pretty crown?)

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End Modern-Day Slavery in the United States | Pepsi Refresh Everything

My dear friends at Polaris Project are trying to get a grant through Pepsi Refresh.  50K!  You need to go vote for them now.

End Modern-Day Slavery in the United States | Pepsi Refresh Everything.

You’re Really Nice, But…

We’ve all been there.  Dating someone that we know isn’t really our ideal and then realizing that it can’t go any farther.  But I think the cliché lines are just that, cliché!  I can’t stand them anymore.  I’ve been fed so many of them myself that they make me want to throw up in my mouth a little.  Let’s touch on a few of them that we all know:

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

Well, of course it’s not.  If it really was you, you would say the real reason.

This is one of my regular lines: “You’re too good for me.”

I just get flat out ticked when I get this line.  Just say that you think I’m too tame for you or not adventurous enough.  It will probably point to your lack of understanding what real, mature fun should be (not beer pong and bars and flipping off cameras for your FB profile picture) or your lack of understanding of me.  If you were really getting to know me and not just looking for some play, you might be surprised at what fun can really be.

Then there are just the various brush-offs.  I’ve already shared about the “black hole” that most of my dates have found.  That’s the extreme of the brush-off move.  Others are not so extreme and are just not returning calls or coming up with mythological events or emergencies to take up any spare time.

My point is that I don’t like these and I have, slowly albeit, over the course of my dating experience, sought to be more and more honest about why I don’t want to go out with someone, or why I do.  Another thing that I have determined to have are good reasons for cutting the relationship short.  Attraction, to me, is not a good enough reason.  Time, or lack of it, is not a good enough reason.  They can be factors, but they can’t be the sole reason.

So, I may not be all that attracted to Mr. Engineer.  We may have a lot of personality differences.  There were moments when he gave me butterflies, so I’m not so much worried that we couldn’t get it together physically or that he couldn’t be the heartthrob of my life.  That isn’t the main drive of my reasoning for not wanting to continue “dating” him.  I’ve stated my real reasons clearly in previous entries and I have quite a few of them.  The biggest of which is our church affiliation.  He’s Catholic and I’m Baptist.  We talked a bit about it and decided that it would be next to impossible to maintain a relationship (which goal is marriage) without concession made on one side.  Both of thought about it and decided that neither of us could relax our ideals and so, parted the night as friends.

Friends that had only one contact throughout that week.  I checked my cell phone bill for the month.  We have the same provider and so texting and calls were free between the two of us, and I realize that I had texted others (such as family and friends), but my tracker had counted over 1000 texts.  This is seriously unusual for me, but showed me just how much both he and I were into the relationship and working to make it work.

I went through a couple days of withdrawal more than sadness and was able to touch-base with him Sunday night.  We had a nice chat and I think it reinforced my intention with him to keep each other as friends.  We tried making some plans to hang out, but both of us were going to be a little busy.  Hopefully something will come up though.

This brings me to a thought of blog post I had started just prior to meeting Mr. Engineer and never finished: Remaining Single…this will be my next entry (with luck!)

The Last Bar Study

The last of this “Bar Bible Study” series was last week.  Mr. Engineer told me that the speaker was going to be a friar, and as such, my entire morning and afternoon was filled with giggles and guffaws resulting from an image of Friar Tuck running around my mind.  Seriously, how could anyone expect me to get much work done with the prospect of seeing a fat man with a rounded baldspot, Beatles bowl haircut, brown habit and wool corded belt.  I felt it only right, with my vow to be upfront and honest with Mr. Engineer, to share with him all the joy I had throughout the day relishing in the thought of the coming evening and he seemed to take it well, enjoying the humor as well, though not as much as me.  Then he completely deflated my balloon by saying that he thought it was just a priest.  I know, bummer.

We got to the bar and were ushered outside this week to the patio.  It was really nice to be outside and not have to worry about being cold all night.  We ordered our supper and gabbed with the others at our table.  We talked about college and majors and jobs/careers.  Everyone assumed that I was Catholic as well and when the discussion came around to me, I was asked what my major was.  I answered, “Christian Ministries.”  Really?  What school did you go to? “Super-tiny Baptist College. [paraphrase]”  The next two questions were priceless.  “So…are…you Baptist?”  um, yes…?  “Are….you comfortable here?”  um, yes…?

Jokes ensued about how the seat I had chosen was perfect for either a quick get-away or to keep an eye on everyone in the room for protection.  The priest then walked up amidst our laughter and I have to say that I was sorely disappointed.  He was a priest, yes, but in plain clothes.  He shared his story and talked about “hearing God in everyday situations.”  His talk was kind of odd, but good for the most part.  I’d say that I agreed with about 70% of what he had to say.

Everything finished, and we took off back to my place.  When we pulled into my drive-way, we stood and chatted by his Jeep for a few minutes.  I asked him what he thought about the meeting.  He said it was good and we talked about times that we had heard God speaking in our lives.  He asked what I thought of it and I thought this was a good opportunity to tell him how dead-set I am on not becoming Catholic.  He didn’t really respond but I figured it’d be food for thought until we saw each other again on Sunday.

I spoke with my pastor’s wife about the religious differences and we agreed that my biggest problem was that I need someone to serve with me in the same church…and that church can’t be a Catholic one.  I think I’d be able to serve with Mr. Engineer in the same church…but that it would probably have to be Catholic. Oh well.  I was still on a bum of not hearing a friar speak…

(as this happened last Thursday, there have been a few events since left out of this blog.  I will work to bring you all up-to-date.  Keep your eyes peeled!)

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