The Nameless Chronicles

Intro: Mr. Rough

I thought I better share this new guy to you all.  I mentioned him briefly in a previous post (The Bait and Switch), but realize that I skipped over some of the history, albeit a short one, but history nonetheless.  I’d hate for you to be running around out there without dots connected for easy navigation of this blog, so here it goes!

I had said that Mr. Engineer and I decided we were just going to be friends.  In another recent post, I said that I made a proclamation that I was completely content with being single.  This is true.  Even for the rest of my life.  With that said, I’m not willing to close that door to meeting someone, sometime…but I’m not forcing it to remain open any longer.

Not a day later, I got a “Smile” from Mr. Rough.  and we began chatting since then.  We were able to talk on the phone for about 2.5 hours last Saturday night and it was wonderful!  We got to share quite a bit of our histories with each other.  Mine is much tamer than his, but I’ve had my own share of turmoil.  I think everyone has to a point.

His story was, sobering, though.  He honestly thought that after he shared the details with me that I would be out the door.  But as I said, everyone has had their own share of turmoil and everyone has made mistakes.  Some might be a bit more loud than others and the consequences greater, but we all can be changed (or what point is there in being a Christian?)  He was abused (in a few ways) as a child by his mother’s boyfriend.  When he was 12, he began to do drugs.  He did all sorts, just about anything out there.  He also started to deal a bit.  When he was 19, he met a guy who gave him Meth, then asked him to supply him with the raw materials, and then taught him how to make it himself.  He decided he could make it on his own and did so for a time.  He was busted and arrested and spent some time in prison for it.  When he was released, he continued on in that lifestyle but then became a Christian at 24.  He’s been learning and growing in the faith since then.

I’ve already told you the things about him that amaze me, as in, the ways he fits the requirements that I’ve been praying for for a long time.  We will be meeting up for dinner this Saturday and I’m really looking forward to seeing him in person.  He’s coming to my town and we’re going to go have Indian food (yum!).  About three years ago, his history would have thrown up a major red flag to me.  But not so much anymore.  There are things in his history that put up red flags in regards to what we would have to work through in our relationship, but I am not daunted by his history.  And yeah, I’m a little surprised by that.  I think that I’m waiting to see what he is really like in person, to know how much has been changed or how much it affects him.  He could have some health issues, he’s already shared that he has ADHD (which is fine, lots of people do).  He’s also very experienced sexually, which saddens me, but doesn’t scare me.  He is planning to wait until he gets married to have sex again, and he is completely blown away and excited about my not wanting to kiss until I get married.  However, I’m sure the subject of STD’s will have to be broached at some point.  I’ve been willing to overlook someone’s sexual past, but I have never thought about STD’s before!

So, I will invite you along my learning experience with Mr. Rough.  You can see why I have chosen to give him that label.  Let’s just hope I never call him by it!  Thanks for stopping by!


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