The Nameless Chronicles


I am sorry that I have been so MIA lately.  Work has been taking a lot of my time, as are my after work activities.  Not to mention that I am speeding my way through the Harry Potter series in preparation for the last movies coming out, as well as in the midst of a couple crafting projects.  All this to say…I’m a slacker and have forgotten to update this blog.

This is not to say that nothing has been happening, in particular, with Mr. Rough.  Plenty has been going on and many conversations and upsets and forgiveness and frustration and apathy…I hope I can remember it all when I am able to sit and get us all caught up on things.

So, with less than half of The Deathly Hallows to finish up, I will leave you in anticipation of a coming update which will, hopefully, live up to the standards of The Nameless Chronicles.  Have a great day!


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