The Nameless Chronicles

One Month

With surprise, I realized that I have hit a one-month mark with Mr Rockies.  Might not seem like a big deal to some of you, but in the context and with my track record, I’m very pleased.  I’m also pleased because we are pacing ourselves.  We’ve been talking with each other for almost 2 months, but only one month with the intention of really getting to know each other to maybe become something official.  Sometimes I feel like it’s so high school when I put it that way, but we’re trying to build a friendship and not just a relationship.  Not to mention that school and other commitments have brought him into my time zone, but nearly just as far away as if he were still back on Mountain Time.

We’re starting to get beyond the “starry-eyed” phase and into the reality of who each other is.  I can’t say that there is too much I’ve come to know about him to make me leery.  We aren’t so starved to talk to each other that we are ignoring sleep (ok, well, maybe we still WANT to talk and have to convince the other to get some rest instead).  And just when I start to think, “There’s no way that he’s really thinking about me today,” I get an email or text, or a picture of some goofy thing that he saw to let me know that I am in his thoughts – probably more than he lets on.

We have a sort of unwritten rule that we do not talk about our future together beyond when we’re going to be able to meet up.  Since we are in a rather ambiguous phase of our relationship – one that seems to hinge on the first time that we meet – it’s not healthy for either of our hearts to share our thoughts and plans together just yet.  Not only that, but, as a woman, I am guarding my mind from attempting to read into things that may not be there.  I can sense that Mr. Rockies is guarding his words and thoughts as well, but sometimes both of us will slip up and mention something.  It can be as small as one preferring to drive in certain conditions and the other preferring the opposite and how that is a nice balance.  It’s also been as major as him discussing his plans upon graduating and wanting to change locations – Philadelphia, California, or even to my own little corner of the mid-west.

While the thought excites me, and has been evidence that he is researching my area more and more, we still have not met in person and this is the fulcrum upon which both of us are still holding back.


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