The Nameless Chronicles

A Foiled Date

Mr. Wisley was planning to join me and my grandpa for a quick, informal dinner Thursday at a local Chinese restaurant (no cats, don’t worry) and then we were going to head out to a movie. And then I woke up Wednesday morning with a sore throat and some congestion.  Went to work and then came back home around noon. The plan was to crash for several hours and be done with whatever sickness was going through me. When I walked through the door, though, my skin told me that something was very wrong in the house.  It was 10 degrees cooler than what our thermostat was set for. Our heater had gone out. I phoned our landlord and explained the situation and was told that he would be right over.

So, with tidings such as that, I threw an extra sweater over me, wrapped a scarf around my neck, set a heating pad behind my back, grabbed a cup of hot tea and covered myself with two thick blankets. I was cozy. And he didn’t come, he didn’t come, and he didn’t come…and my eyes were drooping (one can only play so much Lego Batman before getting bored) and then I finally got a call that he would be sending someone else who would call before coming…who didn’t call and didn’t call and then suddenly showed up on our doorstep at 4pm. All that precious nap-time, wasted.

By this time, I had figured out that I had the flu, but we had also made another discovery. Mr. Wisley and I were casually texting and discussing my sickness, his work schedule, and various other things. He made some teasing remark and I felt like it was appropriate to threaten taking away my “babe” comment from earlier in the day. He was immediately all ears…er, fingers…saying that I misunderstood his comment (which I did, to be honest) and could he still be “babe?” Intriguing!

I asked if he wanted to be and that I thought maybe I should reserve such a name for my boyfriend only. If he wanted to take on that name, then we could put “babe” back on the table. It’s much more bold than I would ordinarily be, and this is way early for my February 1st deadline, but I thought, oh why not? He responded with “he would gladly take both names and wear them proudly.”

This guy…I’m just really enjoying this relationship so far. He followed that he’d rather talk about it in person, to which both of us vehemently began praying that I would be well enough for Thursday night’s date. But, I was not. And so we’re going to have to wait until who knows when to meet up, and discuss the state of our relationship. In the meantime, I am weak and sickly and he’s adoring and compassionate, and we’re both swooning for each other in the throes of puppy love.


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