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These are Dates, Right?

I’m in that funny position where you aren’t completely sure that what you’re doing is dating or not. It looks like a date. Smells like a date. Sounds like a date. Pays like a date. What’s a girl to do?

My mother gets free tickets to a huge Christmas light display each year and so I told Mr. Wisley about it and he was all game. Actually, he had said that he had never been, which shocked me and so I told him that he didn’t have a choice, he was going, and I was taking him.  But that was on a Monday night, and this was Friday. And so I mentioned how our young adults group at church was having a Christmas party that Sunday and would he like to come? He said he would and I nervous and jittery inside. I’ve said it before – my church is my holy place, my family, an intimate part of my life.  I kind of thought he’d be busy with something at his own church, but he wasn’t and fully intended to accept my invitation. Plus, we were already planning to go out the next night. Two nights in a row with the same guy?! Unheard of in my book!

So, I told my friends and they were all excited. Turns out I was going to help lead music that night – not to add any OTHER pressure to the evening. I was all afluster. And the day came, and it was a blast. I was nervous most of the time, but I introduced him to my people, he chatted freely with them. We sat next to each other during the service, when I sat back down after singing he leaned over and whispered “That was awesome!” And I melted a little bit. Since neither of us had anything going on that night, I asked if he wanted to drive around and look at Christmas lights. So we spent an hour and a half driving around and checking out just about all the Christmas lights my town had to offer. We chatted about different parts of houses we liked, different things about Christmas with our families and just a bunch of things. It was such a sweet time.

So, we had one Seems-Like-A-Date, then another one and this now makes #3 Seems-Like-A-Date.

The next night, he came to my house and met my mother – another yikes moment for me. I had come home from work and Mom asked if I thought it’d be awkward for him to meet her in her nightgown. *blank stare* She wears a thick gown all the time around the house. I’m used to it, so I don’t always catch how awkward it is. I told her that it probably would be. She marches upstairs to change complaining about how I don’t think about her at all and only think about this hunk of a guy. I told her she shouldn’t have asked me then if she didn’t want my answer. Apparently this asking a question expecting a different answer runs in my family. When Mr. Wisley and I got to the restaurant, I told him about the fiasco and he just said, “Uh, thank you…that would’ve been awkward.” My brother-in-law, who has been in the family for almost 15 years now, still gets weirded out when she is in her gown and having them over. Her mother does it, but her mother’s also 87.

We had Japanese food and decided that, while I love it and directed him to the least shocking dishes they had, he is not a fan. I’m a bit bummed by that, but it’s not a huge deal. Then we headed downtown to the light display! It’s located in the zoo and you can see most of the animals inside their buildings when you walk around. It was rainy though and that wasn’t nearly as much fun. He let me “check in” there and tag him in the check-in too on Facebook…so people officially knew that we were together that night. We got a couple pics together too, in front of Swan Lake, and he said for me to load them on Facebook and tag him. This kind of behavior is totally foreign to me. So I did! My boss “liked” the photo…of all people. Yes, I’m friends with my boss on Facebook. Not my best judgment call.

And, so he bought dinner, I took care of the light display. We bought matching mugs in the gift store. Seems-Like-A-Date #4.

We had to wait a week to get back together since Christmas was now in play. He had two days of festivities with his family. My family got together on Christmas Eve and then it was Mom and I in our house on Christmas Day. It was nice though, and he and I texted each other throughout the day to keep each other updated on our respective church services, gift-givings and celebratory activities. And then, yesterday, I was to drive up to his place and we were going to watch a movie together – at his place – alone – at his home – where he lives and sleeps – by myself. I’m going to tell you something quite shocking. I’m 27.5 years old and I have never been to a man’s house by myself. It was quite intimidating for me, but I was determined to get over it and not let my nerves dictate how I enjoyed myself.  I arrived right about lunch time and we grabbed some grub from the Way of the Subs and then snuggled into the couch for some movie watching. My choice – a classic Christmas musical which I have been watching since my childhood. His choice, which followed almost immediately after my movie was over – Cars. And we both had a great time. And we didn’t cuddle, he didn’t try anything with me, he didn’t even hold my hand. We just sat very close with our arms by each other for the duration of the movies and then, chatted a bit and I was on my way. No hug goodbye. No determined physical contact.

Seems-Like-A-Date #5.

Within a month, I’ve gone on more dates than I have in the last 3 years. Well, they sure seem like dates, except for one thing – we’re not together. I’m not very good at hanging out with a guy just by ourselves and not being in a relationship. I would really like some clarification soon. But I made the deadline within myself – February 1st. Can I wait that long? His brother called while we were watching movie #2 and all Mr. Wisley had to say was, “I’m watching a movie with Intrepidity.” No further explanation required. The cousins of his who I know had been over at his parents house on Christmas Day and he texted me “Hello’s” from them. He invited me to an event at his church this next weekend, which I had to decline because of a Christmas party with the other side of my family. But then we made plans to do something the following day, New Year’s Eve. I’ve never had plans with a guy on New Year’s Eve! Granted, he has to be at work before midnight, but it’s still pretty significant, right? Am I the only one totally confused?

If not, I think he might be the other one.

Here comes Seems-Like-A-Date #6.


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